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The Pfizer Préférence Program, available for several years, has reimbursed Quebec residents for part of the cost of your Pfizer medication.

We are pleased to announce that Quebec is now part of the Pfizer Originals program. This program provides a payment assistance card. No submission of claims required.

Please go to to sign up today. You’ll be given a payment assistance card. This card works just like the card for your insurance plan. When at the pharmacy, give the card to your pharmacist, they’ll enter it into their system and you’ll know immediately the coverage you’ll receive.

If you’re currently registered in the Pfizer Préférence Program, submit your claims now.

Patients using the Pfizer Préférence Program will be able to fill their prescriptions at the pharmacy up to and including July 31, 2021. Claims under this program must be submitted no later than August 31, 2021.

For those of you currently registered for the Pfizer Préférence Program, we encourage you to sign up for the Pfizer Originals Payment Assistance card as soon as possible.

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The following medications qualify for the Pfizer Préférence Program.