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The Pfizer Préférence Program makes it easier.

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The following medications qualify for the Pfizer Préférence Program.

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At your pharmacy, request your original Pfizer brand medication. Pay for it in full, using your preferred method of payment.
Take a picture or scan your Pfizer medication receipt and upload it to pfizerpreference.ca.
We’ll reimburse part of the cost of your Pfizer medication.

How much will I get back?

I have public coverage with RAMQ or private coverage with insurer.

Calculate the approximate amount that will be returned to you.

Number of pills I'm receiving
Consumers with private plans will receive reimbursements that cover a large part of the cost of their Pfizer medication. However, private plans can vary significantly. Any outstanding amount that is not reimbursed by your benefit plan can be submitted to the Préférence program and you will be reimbursed for a portion of what you paid for your Pfizer medication.
The approximate amount that will be returned to you is shown below.
These calculations are approximate and for information purposes only. Actual reimbursement amounts may differ and will be determined at the time of your submission and after your claim has been validated.
Your total prescription cost may vary as it includes different components such as: the price of the medication (pill) plus dispensing and mark-up fees. The fees are determined at the discretion of the wholesaler and individual pharmacies.

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